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Al Biruni Kitab Ul Hind Pdf 14 almoglad




Bīrūnī's Taḥqīq mā li-l-Hind is an important text on India that accompanied a book of Indian geography written by the Persian astronomer and polymath Ibn al-Rūmī. In chapter 21 he includes a brief description of a specific Indian university, the Al-Urduniyyah (; "The Noble Ones"). The author is not completely impartial in his assessment, but says, "There are surely and from what I have seen and experienced, those who have heard about the country of the Indians believe that this country is indeed a very rich country, but they have not as yet reached that country." He does not mention which "he" he is talking about. Bīrūnī's Kitāb Pātanğal is a book of travel notes concerning the Islamic world, where he describes his travels from Persia to Anatolia and Syria, across the Arabian peninsula to the Hadramaut and the Hijaz, and then across the Persian Gulf to India. His book of travels, Kitāb Pātanğal, reflects the travels of the 13th century Persian traveler, Ibn Khallikān and the early travel writing by Ibn Battūta. It is a key text for many scholars who study medieval Muslim geography and travel writings. Bīrūnī includes a description of the area around the city of Ghazna in Afghanistan and the rest of the Indian subcontinent. He writes, "I hope that my comrades in this book will not be misled by the flattery of people who think that the land of the Indians is a happy land that no other land on the face of the earth can rival." The selection of passages from Bīrūnī's Taḥqīq mā li-l-Hind and Kitāb Pātanğal is the result of a decision of mine as a translator, and is my own attempt at translation of what Bīrūnī's report of "the land of the Indians" may mean in the context of his book. The translation of Kitāb Pātanğal was extremely difficult, and was necessary to produce a book that is accurate in the context of Bīrūnī's journey to India. The Book of the Indians (Taḥqīq mā li-l-Hind) Chapter 21 Bīrūnī's description of the region




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Al Biruni Kitab Ul Hind Pdf 14 almoglad

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